Dovetail Jig Advice

Why Do You Need A Dovetail Jig Anyway?

How to cut dovetail joints by hand

You may be asking yourself why do you need a dovetail jig anyway? And the answer is, if you’re as good as this guy, then you probably don’t. I get the feeling though that he’s probably done this once or twice before.

It’s easy when you know how …
It’s easy to appreciate the satisfaction that you’d get from cutting such a perfectly fitting dovetail joint by hand – a lot easier than it is to do it, that’s for sure. I don’t remember it turning out quite like that when I tried it!

Why make life difficult?
For the rest of us mere mortals, if you’ve got a lot of dovetails to cut and you’re short of time and/or skill then you’ll more than likely benefit from using a router and a dovetail jig.

But it’s always good to watch an expert at work.

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