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Review: Porter Cable 77240 24-Inch Omnijig Joinery System

Porter Cable 77240 24-Inch Omnijig Joinery System

Porter Cable 77240 24-Inch Omnijig Review

Ease of Use8.7
Value For Money7.6
8.8 out of 10
What's Hot?
  • Adjustable, split finger design allows user to change both position and width of pins for chosen joint style
  • "Set & Forget" template positioning stops and router bit depth gauges minimize test cuts and provide repeatability across applications
  • Router bit depth gauges allow user to quickly and accurately set the depth without taking measurements
  • Stabilizer bar enhances router control while deflecting chips downward for a cleaner work environment
What's Not?
  • The price is substantially higher than the Leigh D4R which is a better jig all round
Bottom Line The Porter Cable 77240 24-Inch Omnijig Joinery System is Porter Cable’s flagship variable guide finger dovetail jig. Like its main rival, the Leigh D4R, the Porter Cable Omnijig gives you maximum versaltility and the ability to cut all types of dovetail joints, and has a number of time-saving features unique to Porter Cable to make it earier than ever, such as their patented router bit depth gauge and template positioning stops. The main advantage of the Omnijig over the other jigs in the Porter Cable range is the variable guide fingers which let you customize your work and produce variably spaced joints, giving more of a hand-cut look.
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