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Review: Leigh D4R-PRO Dovetail Jig

Leigh D4R-PRO dovetail jig

Leigh D4R-PRO Dovetail Jig Review

Ease of Use8.9
Value for Money8.5
9.3 out of 10
What's Hot?
  • Sliding template fingers, which allow beautiful dovetail configurations to be arranged by eye
  • Single template that produces both through and half-blind dovetails with variable spacing, as well as sliding dovetails
  • Very well made precision tool - top quality materials and construction like all Leigh Industries' products
  • Fast and easy setup once mastered with diagrams on the jig itself which act as helpful reminders
What's Not?
  • Complexity of jig means the learning curve is steeper than with other jigs
Bottom Line The Leigh D4R-PRO dovetail jig stands out from the competition when you’re searching for the best and easiest way to make perfect dovetails. The D4R Pro jig is without a doubt the most versatile joinery jig available. After 30 years of Innovation and Excellence, there is only one standard to measure all other jigs by. The Leigh D4R Dovetail Jig is the ultimate variable finger dovetail jig, made by the people who invented variable finger jigs. The infinitely adjustable fingers mean that you can let your creativity run free and design unique variably sized and spaced joints with 100% accuracy.
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